Zhoushan Dinghai Jinsheng Bimetallic Plastic Machinery Factory

Date: 1st August 2017
Bimetallic Screw Barrel
?Bimetallic ?screw barrelBimetallic barrel is a kind of barrels ?which have be casted a layer of 2-3mm corrosion & abrasion resistant alloy ?on? the inner wall.Specifications:Screw diameter:OD15mm-250mmScrew Length: 300mm-8000mmBarrel outer diameter: OD 40mm-400mmL/D:10-46Bimetallic Alloy Materials:Fe-based ?alloyNi- based ?alloy/Deloro alloyCo- based ?alloyNiCo-based ?alloyTungsten ?carbide/Wolfram carbideDouble?alloy levelLevel A ? containing Tungsten of 40%Level B ? containing Tungsten of 25%Level C ? containing Tungsten of 9.5%Techinical ParameterDepth?? of nitration0.5-0.8mmHardness of?? nitration950-1020HVStraight of?? screw0.0015MMFragility of???nitrationLess than ? ?grade 1Roughness of?? surfaceRa 0.4umDepth of alloy?? layer2-3mmHardness of?? alloyHRC58-62Hardness after?? hardending and temperingHB260-290Hard chrome?? plating thickness0.03-0.08mmHardness of?? hard chrome plating?950HVCharacteristicsAlloyHarding ? ?(HRC)Base ? ?materialAbrasion?? resistanceFe+Ni+Cr+B58-6445/40CrAnti-corrosionNi+Cr+Co+B50-5845/40CrAbrasion?? resistance & Anti-corrosionFe+Ni+Cr+Co+B56-6445/40CrHigh???Abrasion resistance & Anti-corrosionNi+Cr+Wc+Co+B58-6745/40Cr?