Zhoushan Dinghai Jinsheng Bimetallic Plastic Machinery Factory

Date: 1st August 2017
Conical Twin Screw Barrel
?Conical? twin ?screw barrel?Specifications? ? ? Standard spcifications of conical twin screw barrel(d/D)24/5225/5535/7645/9045/10050/10550/11051/10555/10055/11055/12058/12458/12560/12565/12065/13268/14368/14770/13570/14075/15080/14380/15692/18895/19195/193105/191105/203105/213100/200The above are standard spcifications,for ?good plasticizing effect, we have different design of screw barrel to meet ?customer?s requirments.Technical ParameterTechnical parameter of conical twin screw and barrelMain base?materials1.38CrMoAlA ?(Nitrided Steel)??2.SKD-61 (Special Tool Steel)??3.42CrMo (Ultrahigh Strength Steel)??4.DC53 (Cold Work Die Steel)???5.W6Mo5Cr4V2???6.HPTMainalloy??materials1.Ni-based alloy?2.Tungsten carbide?3.NiCo-based alloy?4.Fe-based alloy?5.Co-based alloyProcessing??technics1.Heat treatment?2.Quenching?3.Nitriding treatment?4.Bimetallic alloy welding?5.Bimetallic alloy centrifugal casting?6.Hard-chrome electroplatingTechnical???parameter1.Nitrided layer depth: 0.5-0.8mm?2.Nitrided hardness: HRC56-58?3.Nitrided brittleness: ?Grade 1?4.Surface roughness: Ra0.4?5.Linearity of screw:0.015mm?6.Hard-chrome plating ???? hardness:?HRC57?7.Chrome-plating layer depth: 0.03-?? 0.09mm?8.Bimetallic layer depth: 3mm?9.Bimetallic layer hardness: HRC58-62Above are main technical information,a suitable screw and barrel will be made according to ? ?your requirementConical twin screw features:Conical twin screw cores water internal ?circulation series and screw cores oil cold out and cycle.Scope of application:Ordinary plastic,WPC,PVC,WPC,PE, Super high molecular ?sheet,1/2 high Calcium buckle,50-400 high Calcium pipe,50-300 high Calcium ?Profile, soft PVC sheet,XPS-PVC etc. PP, PE, ABS, granulation of raw ?materials,production pipe,pelletzing and other extrusion machinery.?3 )Screw barrel also can be made:?CINCINNATI, BATTENFELD,KRUSSMAFFEI,BAUSANO ?and AMUT model spares. According to different material and plastic ?product to choose different compress rate and L/D rate.