Zhoushan Dinghai Jinsheng Bimetallic Plastic Machinery Factory

Date: 1st August 2017
Film Screw Barrel
?FILM screw barrel Screw ?type:common type, gradual type, sudden type, barrier type, pinned type, ?exhaustive type, separate type, granulation type, wave type,mixed ?type,double-head type, three-head type, multi head type etc.It is ?suit for PA,PP,PC,PE,ABS,AS,PS,PVC,PMMA,LCP,PBT,PET,PPC,PPS,PAR,PO,Magnetic ?Powder,Ceramic? Powder, Aluminium Powder, ?Iron Powder, Wood Flour and other engineering plastic ,PVC,PE/PP pelleting.Export to :?America, Germany, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, India, ?Pakistan,Egpyt,Argentina and some other countries and regions.Why customer chose the Jinsheng ??1) With high wear resistance and ?anti-corrosion ?2) Through processing ,it can be prolong ?use life for screw and barrel?3) Cold and heat spraying for hard metal ?process ?4) High-frequency quenching technology?5) Advanced nitriding technology?6)? ?Processing and manufacturing process for Bimetallic ?7) Lowest price, high quality, delivery on ?time