Zhoushan Dinghai Jinsheng Bimetallic Plastic Machinery Factory

Date: 23rd August 2017
Nitriding Screw Barrel
?NITRIDING ?SCREW BARREL:Packaging ?& DeliveryPackaging ?Details: Injection Molding Machine Screw ?Barrel/Haitian Injection Machine Screw /Nitride Screw Barrel1.Be brushed ?anti-corrosive oil on screw barrel. 2.Packed ?with film. 3.Packed in ?the woodenbox.SCREW BARREL ?FOR NITRIDING TREATMENT.NITRIDING ?SCREW BARREL Materials:1)Fe-based ?alloy2)Ni- based ?alloy/Deloro alloy3)Co- based ?alloy4)NiCo-based ?alloy5)Tungsten ?carbide/Wolfram carbideScrew barrel ?for plastic injection mold machine apply to general plastic and engineering ?plastic like PA PP PC ABS AS PS PVC PMM LCP ect.We can ?provide customers accessories according to customers' requirements. Screw can ?be matched with different heads,and barrel can be matched with different ?nozzles.Why customer ?chose the Jinsheng ??1) With high ?wear resistance and anti-corrosion ?2) Through ?processing ,it can be prolong use life for screw and barrel?3) Cold and ?heat spraying for hard metal process ?4) ?High-frequency quenching technology?5) Advanced ?nitriding technology?6)? Processing and manufacturing process for ?Bimetallic ?7) Lowest ?price, high quality, delivery on time